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Lawrence Lu

Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in software services, network security and equipment companies. Founder of Array Networks.

Hon Wong

Founder, Executive, Angel Investor and active Board Member of numerous startups. Co-founder of Ecosystems, NetIQ, Digital Market, Symphoniq and Centrify.

Gene Huang

Engineering Leader with experience in core R&D organizations of numerous global enterprise software companies including HP, Amdocs and Nortel.

Doug Chan

Founder, Executive and Director at HP, Alteon, Resonate and other startups.

Sridhar Palacherla

Bring-up Engineering Manager for startup companies Combinet, Caspian and NebuAd. Technical Leader at Cisco and Ericsson.

Morgan Rees

Marketing and Sales Executive with experience at Philips Electronics, Citrix Online, Netgear, Honeywell and numerous startups.